Winter Care Tips for Outdoor A/C Unit

Regardless of the time of year, proper care for your A/C is imperative to keep it running efficiently and to avoid costly air conditioning repairs. It is always recommended to seek help from a qualified service technician to handle major maintenance on your air conditioning system.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their A/C operates at peak performance.

Here are some tips to protect your outdoor unit this winter.

  1. Check your outdoor unit for any accumulated dust and debris around the condenser unit. If the debris gets into your system, it can cause unnecessary damage to the system so clear away debris in and around the heat exchanger.
  2. Once you have removed debris from around the unit, wash any dirt that has settled in your system. The debris adds moisture which can cause mould or freeze up in cold winter. You might need a high-pressure hose to spray off the dirt.
  3. After pressure washing, the next step involves drying it thoroughly to prevent potential issues with freezing.
  4. Turn off your system and cover it nicely while leaving a little breathing space. This prevents moisture build-up under the cover and ice formation when temperature drops.
  5. Do not allow water, snow or ice to settle on your cover as this will increase the likelihood of damage occurring in your outdoor unit.

With these tips, you will have minimum trouble protecting your air conditioner this winter season.

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