Why Your Furnace Is Giving You Problems?

December and January are two of the coldest months of the year for United Kingdom. We start getting repair calls for heating systems and furnaces from as early as October end. Here are some of the common reasons we have noticed heating furnaces require maintenance and repair:

1.Electrical issues- This is the most common problem our technicians face when they are called out to repair heating systems. Most of the times, the circuit breaker tips off or there is a problem with the wiring which causes the furnace to malfunction.

2.Gas valve issues- The gas valve regulates entry of fuel into the machine. You can try checking whether the lever is in the right direction or if the valve is broken or damaged.

3.Heating element- This is something that requires technical expertise and expert proficiency. Most of the times the heating element breaks or the gas igniters get damaged which cause heating issues.

4.Thermostat settings- There can also be a problem with the thermostat settings panel. Our technicians have also reported of customers operating their heaters on cooling mode and complaining of cool air!

5.Closed vents- If you are only facing heating issues in some particular room or portion of the house, you can try checking the vents. Opening up the closed vents or calling a professional for cleaning them once a year is a good way to ensure good performance from your heating unit.

This is also a great time to get air conditioning in London checked up to prep for the summers ahead. If you schedule your air conditioning repairs in winters and furnace maintenance in summers, you can save yourself a lot of inconvenience.

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