When To Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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Ever wondered why your air conditioner is not working efficiently despite the constant efforts on your part? May be it needs a replacement or may be not! Have you ever been in this dilemma? If you are, don’t worry! We are here to help you out! Here are a few things you need consider before calling an AC technician for repair or replacement:

Air conditioners built before 1990’s!

Using a standing pilot furnace or an air conditioner built before 1990’s? Don’t stick with the traditional ‘old is gold’ idea, come out and consider for a replacement as early as possible. Here is the big WHY! If you consider the practicality of the situation, your furnace is around 65% efficient and your air conditioner is 8 SEER or less. Now why would you want to pay those huge utility bills and the repair costs if a new unit can reduce the both?

Failed compressor!

That’s it, throw it out and get a new unit! Yes, it’s as simple as that. Compressors are the heart of air conditioners, and are quite expensive too. If you have a faulty compressor or a cracked heat exchanger, which are not in the warranty, better get a new unit. We know how much you love your old air conditioner but trust us; it wouldn’t do any good in getting it repaired besides leaving you with a hefty bill. There is always a high risk that they might fail once again because a compressor includes lots of other small components which may eventually get damaged with time or incompatibility issues.

You can seek out a reliable air conditioning company in Oxfordshire for new installations. These people also buy back the old AC units for sufficient compensation, so that’s a Win-Win for you!

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