When Do You Need To Call For Professional AC Repair?

Air conditioning units form a standard part of every industrial, domestic and official setting. People take it as a general part of their lives and consider it as a form of necessity instead of a luxury item as it was considered in the initial years of the millennium.

Apart from the original installations, air conditioning units require regular maintenance and repair services in order to keep up their efficiencies. Regular maintenance and upkeep of the AC units, whether in the domestic or official settings, is very cost effective. Two of the most common air conditioning problems which require professional repair and maintenance are mentioned here.

  1. Refrigerant leaks- The performance and optimum efficiency of the AC depends on the quality and quantity of the refrigerant used. Low levels might hint at possible refrigerant leaks or an undercharged tank at the time of installation. It is wise to contact a professional company of air conditioning in London to get reliable and satisfactory refilling and leak fixation services.
  2. Electronic control failure- Possible corrosion in the unit, normal wearing down of compressor or fan parts and faulty wiring could result in electronic control failure issues. These problems, without exceptions should be handled by an expert AC repair company.

Abacus AC Solutions Ltd. provides specialised services for air conditioning in Berkshire, London, Sussex, Manchester and the surrounding areas of the United Kingdom.

Starting from January 1, 2015; use of HCFCs for servicing of RAC equipment has become an illegal practice. Call Abacus service helpline at 08008488808 to schedule a free survey of your AC units or arrange an R22 phase out service.

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