What Do You Mean By HVAC Systems?

Not many people are aware of the fact that HVAC systems are more than simple heating and cooling systems. If you also have an HVAC system installed at your place, this post would help you save a lot of money. Having a proper knowledge of your HVAC systems,

  • Can help you in detecting problems earlier,
  • Will teach you the importance of regular maintenance and this way assist you in saving valuable money that you pay on annual repairs.

Let us take a quick look at HVAC components:

H– The ‘H’ in HVAC stands for Heating. This is usually provided by either a heat pump or a furnace. Although a furnace burns fuel to distribute warm air through ducts in your rooms; a heat pump is like an air conditioner working in reverse.

V– Ventilation forms the ‘V’ in HVAC systems. A balanced ventilation system is proficient in replacing stale indoor air and odours with the fresh air from outside. These also work as proficient humidifiers and work towards improving your indoor air quality by removing excess humidity from the rooms.

AC– Finally the ‘AC’ in HVAC is for air conditioning. This is also provided by 2 methods, viz, air conditioners and heat pumps in cooling mode, both of which use the refrigerants for cooling indoor air. A heat pump and London air conditioning units both also remove excess humidity from the surroundings and thus provide ventilation.

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