Please contact Abacus for all your ventilation enquiries as bringing fresh air into your workspace, retail area or home will help reduce the risk of any airborne particles from accumulating in your environment by replacing the ambient air with fresh air on a regular basis which can also be used in conjunction with your air conditioning units.
We can offer all types of ventilation solutions whether required for a busy office, any size of retail space or even for your home, there is even an option to have a heat recovery system which will reuse the heat from extracted air to warm incoming fresh air which makes for a very cost effective way of providing comfort heating for your space.
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Ventilation is essential in the workplace and retail industry providing a constant supply of fresh air with benefits that include: 

  • Dilution/Removal of fumes, odours, smoke etc.
  • Reduce the risk of airborne infection
  • Removal of carbon dioxide and water vapour (products of respiration)
  • Providing adequate air movement for a comfortable environment, one which is refreshing but not draughty
  • Removal of excess heat
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