Simple Ways to Save On Air-Conditioning Costs

Cooling costs make up the major part of your energy budget, but using the following simple tips you can cut your energy bills and make your air-conditioning system more efficient.

Keeping Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature

If you think that setting the temperature at 18°C means that the air conditioner will cool the room faster than if set at 24°C, then you are wrong. The thermostat checks the air temperature inside the room and stops the compressor when the temperature reaches the desired level. This means the compressor will work longer and will use more electricity if temperature is set to 18°C than if it is set to 24°C. Setting the temperature to 24°C saves energy bill and provides good comfort.

Remember, the compressor is the most electricity consuming component of an air conditioner.

Free Cooling Coils

Free cooling coils utilise the air outside as a source of cooling for air-conditioning systems. This will cut considerable cost off your energy bill because you need less energy to produce cooling from the air-conditioning system. This is ideal for the UK climate because even in sunny weather, it’s mostly cool outside.

Variable Speed Drives

Simply do not waste money and energy by producing more cooling than is necessary. Variable speed drives can manage the output of your air-conditioning system to meet your needs throughout the day. This will also ensure the wise use of energy to have a cool temperature, reducing your energy costs in the process.

Remember, your air conditioner is built on a number of mechanical conditions and specifically designed in order to fit a specific size. So, at the time of buying your air conditioning Kent make sure that you consider your room size and cooling requirements carefully. Discuss your requirements with your air-conditioner suppliers in detail before purchasing an air-conditioning unit. Both, heating and cooling your home can become expensive if not used wisely.

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