Significance Of Clean Air Filters

People using air conditioning systems would know that higher temperatures bring higher utility bills. Keeping A/C unit’s air filters cleans on a routine basis is an easy way to keep cooling costs down. Many of us who have already started using their air conditioners in the wake of approaching summers may have already replaced or cleaned their ACs.

While some air filters can be replaced or reused, some air filters are disposable. Electrostatic air filters are permanent and designed with a heavy duty aluminium frame, with layers of a special polypropylene weave on the front and back. They also contain a unique poly internal lining.  When the air filters are kept clean, dust and other pollutants cannot clog the air to get inside the room. However, changing air filters can sometimes be a challenge. You may need a professional air conditioning in Kent to take care of things. There are many London air conditioning services that provide a comprehensive service of air conditioners from air conditioning installation in London to air conditioning repair.

Electrostatic air filters clean the air by using static electricity due to which airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge until they are cleaned by washing. Cleaning the air filters is also very easy. Simply flush with water in the opposite direction of the air flow arrows, then rinse the other side, drain the excess water, let the air filter dry and reinstall. Keeping the air filters clean extends the life of air conditioning systems and helps reduce costs. To find out more, contact Abacus AC Solutions on 0800 8488808.

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