Remaining Cool Before You Get Your Air Condition Prepped Up

With February comes the hope of coming summers. Although the season is not yet right to turn on your air conditioners, the time is perfect to get them all prepped up before you actually start feeling their need. And while you are getting your air conditioning units set up or serviced, here are some useful ways you can use to keep your cool:

1. Planting leafy hedges, bushes and trees around your property would not only cool down the temperature of your home by preventing the sun’s rays from heating it directly but also increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

2. If the windows of your room are east or west facing, consider investing in solar screens or window films which reflect off a large portion of the sunlight before it is absorbed in.

3. Use the fans to keep your rooms ventilated by regularly circulating the air around the place. This would keep the air quality maintained around the house while also eliminating humidified air from the surroundings.

4. You can also considerably decrease indoor heating by using the ovens or microwaves and giving your stoves rest once in a while. Make sure you have a furnace and/or exhaust fan installed in kitchen and bathroom respectively.

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