Professional Air Conditioning Solutions For Offices

Commercial and Domestic air conditioning systems are very different from each other. While most of the domestic users apply for central or window AC units, commercial users often opt for split air conditioners. The number of ACs also varies among the different sizes of the organisations. Both types of installations however require regular maintenance from professionals in order for them to work properly.

Booking for regular air conditioning repairs would help you keep track and notice any small glitches that may be present in your AC unit so that they may be resolved early. Small problems if left unattended for long usually grow into major problems which usually are more expensive to resolve.

Having professionals check on your air conditioning in London would also help you keep track and maintain the air quality of your office building, which largely affects the health of the employees working in the building. Regular cleaning of the ducts and filters are highly recommended by industry’s experts to keep clean surroundings.

Abacus AC Solutions specialise in all forms of commercial and industrial services like installation, repair and maintenance for air conditioning units, ventilators and heating systems throughout the United Kingdom. We also provide R22 phasing out for both domestic and commercial users. So whether you have an old model of AC installed at your place that you need to be checked or wish to install a new unit in your office building; you can easily reach out to our expert engineers at our service helpline 0800 8488 808. To get a quick quote, drop us an email describing your requirements at

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