Preventing Water Dripping with Professional Help

Is your air conditioning unit dripping water? Scheduled preventive maintenance can prevent water leaks and many other A/C issues. An HVAC professional knows how to keep your air conditioner in optimal condition for energy efficiency and delivering cooling. As an owner, you should have periodic checks  carried out specific for preventing water leaks and overflowing.

  1. Check for refrigerant leak
  2. Check for free air flow, including the air filter, evaporator, condenser coil and blower assembly.
  3. Measure blower speed
  4. Check the condensate line for blockages
  5. Clear the condensate line of all debris and mineral deposits
  6. Inspect all components, electrical wiring and contact points for signs of wear. Repair or replace as required.
  7. Measure and adjust refrigerant levels to exact specifications indicated by the manufacturer
  8. Visually inspect the ductwork for loose joints, leaks and damage.

In this way, you can stop small problems from turning into big problems. Timely care and attention is the key to keeping your A/C up and running at all times. Lack of maintenance can give rise to a lot more A/C issues, contributing to unnecessary cost and discomfort.

It does not really matter whether your air conditioning unit is a year old or decade old. Like any other equipment, AC equipment is also susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. Another important thing to remember is to look out for professional air conditioning services in Colchester.  Although you may find many companies, be careful before letting any person repair your air conditioner. For air-conditioning repair, always call an experienced HVAC professional.

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