Next Generation Toshiba Daiseikai Air Conditioning

Toshiba air conditioning has launched an enhanced version of its premium Daiseikai air conditioning systems. The next generation air conditioning unit is designed to deliver high efficiency and comfort for building occupants.

The new high-wall Daiseikai units have a quiet mode that is equivalent to the ticking of a wrist watch in an otherwise silent room. The system features triple A+ energy rating (AAA+) for both cooling and heating and has the ability to match the output to very low levels of load. Greater control on heating and cooling output helps boost energy performance to a significant degree.

A sophisticated system embedded with new technologies that work in combination to offer unprecedented comfort and control. Airflows can be controlled in 3D space with six pre-set patterns, giving varying horizontal and vertical flows. The Daiseikai system is equipped with a self cleaning function that automatically cleans any moisture retained in the evaporator coil after the unit is switched off. Toshiba Daiseikai comes with Ag Plasma Air Purifier which is very effective in capturing particles as small as 0.001 microns in size. Moreover, the new design integrates perfectly with any new decor.

If you wish to install Toshiba Daiseikai at your workplace, call Abacus AC Solutions for air conditioning installation. We also supply high performance high-wall mounted air conditioning in Berkshire.

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