How To Tell If Your AC Needs Service?

With summers round the corner, every UK household is getting their air conditioning units fixed and serviced. If you haven’t called up a professional service for your ACs yet; in order to enjoy a comfortable and cool summer, we would advise you to do so immediately.

Two of the most common problematic symptoms one needs to look out for are listed here. If your AC is also displaying any of the below mentioned problem signs, it is time for you to call an AC repair service.

Bizarre sounds or stenches- The most basic trouble signs that are also often ignored. A grinding or squealing sound coming out of your AC unit might be suggestive of something broken inside or something that needs lubrication. Foul smells could mean problems with conditioner’s wire insulator units or indicate the presence of a mold.

Ineffective cooling- At a certain point of time air conditioning units lower in performance standards. The air might not be as cool as it used to be in the initial days or it might stop giving cold air completely. This might be because of faulty system compressor or low levels of Freon in the unit. At this point of time, it becomes critical to call out professional help to get maximum levels of proficiency out of you air conditioning units.

Abacus AC Solutions Ltd. is a reliable company providing all types of repair and maintenance services for air conditioning in Cambridgeshire, London, Essex and other major towns and cities of the United Kingdom. Call our service helpline number- 08008488808 for further enquiries and service bookings.

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