How To Manage Flooded Air Conditioners?

With the recent downpours in the city, there have been many cases of flooded air conditioning units across the United Kingdom. Since there is still more chance of such happenings in the near future, we have listed here some important things that every individual should be aware of in such a situation so as to stay safe from danger.

Do not panic and rush into things. Keep a clear head and try to locate and switch off the main power supply before you proceed to anything as there is a higher risk of electric shocks during floods and rains.

If your AC unit is drenched and you think there is no way you can revive it again, use these simple factors to choose between a repair or a replacement decision:

a. Electric power– It is important to cut off the power supply to the system as soon as you notice that the rain water has seeped inside your unit. Longer the power is running through the unit, higher the chance of damage.

b. Underwater duration– Make sure your unit is perched at a higher position and remains safe from the flood water.
However, if by chance it remained underwater for some time, the damage incurred would depend on the amount of time it spends submerged.

c. Debris accumulated– The floodwater might cause debris to get filled in your system (AC has various small operating parts) which can dampen its functionality and/or efficiency.

After the water level subsides, do a quick inspection of the surroundings (as mentioned in the previous point) and call for a professional AC repair company that provides repair and maintenance services for London air conditioning units.

You can also call the expert team at Abacus AC Solutions Ltd on their free service helpline- 08008488808.

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