How to Create a Healthy Work Environment?

Poor ventilation is a hazard and just like all other hazards it poses a threat to your employees health. So if you see the number of absentees rising or sick leave applications piling up, you probably need to check out the indoor air quality of your office.

Employees might complain about headaches, fatigue, hypersensitivity and allergies due to poor indoor air quality. The chemical and biological contaminants present in the air deteriorate the air and affect employee’s health. Employees lose their ability to concentrate resulting in low productivity and performance.

Now that we know how poor ventilation can affect our health and wealth simultaneously, it’s time to check out some good ventilation systems available in the market. Office ventilation system removes the air pollution caused by people and machines and replaces it with new, fresh air. This spreads a greater feeling of well-being and makes employees more productive. In fact, the number of errors made goes up as temperature level rises above 22°C. Thus, good ventilation and productivity are directly proportional to each other.

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