Dos and Don’ts of Air-conditioning Systems

Today, almost every house in East Sussex has an air conditioning unit installed. But, few house owners care to perform regular maintenance in their units resulting in frequent breakdowns or ineffective cooling. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you have an AC installed.


  1. If you need an air conditioner, getting right sized equipment is very important. Oversized equipment can be as problematic as undersized equipment. Make sure your AC unit supplier does a complete load calculation to determine exactly how much cooling capacity your home needs.
  2. Your AC and ceiling fan should run simultaneously. Most people think of air conditioning maintenance unit as a substitute for traditional ceiling fans. The ceiling fans create artificial “wind chill” effect that helps you feel comfortable at slightly higher temperatures.
  3. Air filters get clogged with dust and debris and need to be replaced on a monthly basis. Dirty air filters can lower system efficiency and lead to problems. If your air conditioner has a reusable filter, be sure to wash it in cold water on a routine basis.


  1. Looking for air conditioning systems online may not be a good idea, if you want to skip shipment and installation charges in the bill. A local company will not charge a high maintenance fee or conveyance, if your system is faulty. Most of them even offer free maintenance for 6 months.
  2. Use your HVAC systems only when necessary. Keep all your equipments shut when not in use or when the building is not occupied. Use timers to reduce the running hours of equipments.
  3.  Do not let your unit to sit idle for a long time. Try to run the air conditioner for at least a few minutes every day to improve indoor air quality. The latest control devices let homeowners to operate the AC remotely. You can turn the AC on while you are away and enjoy a cool temperature when you arrive.

Make sure to follow these to enjoy a cool and comfortable climate indoors always.


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