Changing Air Conditioning Habits To Cool Down Global Warming

Greenhouse gases are the major contributors to increasing global warming. HFC, a harmful pollutant used in air conditioners and refrigerators is the greatest threat to environment, and hence, governments across the planet have decided to do away with this dangerous element once and for all. While air conditioner manufacturers are switching to the manufacturing of Earth-friendly machines free of harmful agents, it is high time you too embrace the trend and get rid of your old air conditioners as soon as possible.

Did you know that HFCs are more dangerous to environment than Carbon Dioxide? The emergency to save the Mother Earth led to a conglomeration of more than 150 representatives of different countries in Rwanda to discuss the concern. Winding down the use of HFCs can significantly lower down the climate’s temperature and alleviate global warming to a great extent. As per the meet, such an initiative will have an equal effect as that of stopping worldly fossil fuel emissions for over two years!

Following the dictum of saving the planet, Abacus AC Solutions Ltd is committed to providing green air conditioning services across UK. Apart from offering a wide range of services pertaining to installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of air conditioning in London, we also have expanded our horizons to Essex, Hertfordshire, Colchester, Kent, Nottingham and other major areas of the state. We provide fool-proof air conditioning solutions from helping you to choose best AC as per your air conditioning needs to offering annual plans to ensure the long life of the machines.

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