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Four Reasons To Hire Abacus Air Conditioning

Does your air conditioner make strange sounds? The arrival of summer indicates the huge expenses which are occurred on air conditioners. The experienced and expert team of Abacus Air Conditioner presents the one stop solution for all your technical worries at affordable prices. We bring with us the four most important reasons to satisfy you: […]

Changing Air Conditioning Habits To Cool Down Global Warming

Greenhouse gases are the major contributors to increasing global warming. HFC, a harmful pollutant used in air conditioners and refrigerators is the greatest threat to environment, and hence, governments across the planet have decided to do away with this dangerous element once and for all. While air conditioner manufacturers are switching to the manufacturing of […]

Does Your Air Conditioning Contractor Possess These 3 Qualities?

Air conditioning systems have a tendency to break down when we expect the least! The situation becomes very frustrating if the repair company takes hours to respond. We at Abacus AC Solutions Ltd know that a dependable air conditioning professional is hard to find, so we have compiled a list of qualities you should look […]

What To Do About Loud Noises Coming From Your Window AC

Window air conditioning systems are one of the most bought ac units due to their low cost. These energy-efficient machines can be installed conveniently on our window sill and do not need any extra space in our premises. But, there is one drawback of these cost-effective machines – their loud noise. Window ac consists of […]

4 Steps To Choose The Right Company For Air Conditioning Installation In London

The decision to find an air conditioning installation company is a judicious one for safe and convenient installation of your air conditioning systems. But, such a decision is followed by a turbulent period of confusion that arises from the urgent need of finding an expert and certified air conditioning installation company. We are here to […]

Abacus AC Solutions LTD – A Reliable Source for Air Conditioning in Colchester

Air conditioners and temperature stabilizers are the most important fittings you find in every domestic and corporate dwelling. With the invention of air conditioners our lives have been made so much easier and we are now able to beat the roasting heat effectively. Every year when summer knocks on our doors, the demand for an […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind while Opting for Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning systems work a great deal in providing us huge respite in scorching summer weather. Central AC systems provide high-quality cooling to a whole building, thus eliminating the AC maintenance hassle of each single AC unit. There are many advantages of installing central air conditioning in your premises, but given below are some […]

Tips for Proper Air Conditioning Installation in London

Accurate installation of air conditioning units is very important prior to their use for effective cooling as slight amount of carelessness can result in faulty installation and will ultimately affect the efficiency of cooling. Air conditioning installation thus needs to be done keeping certain pointers in mind: •     First of all, choose an AC […]

Strategic Building Designing: Key to Proper Ventilation of Your Air Conditioning System

Ventilation is the first and foremost requirement in order to keep your HVAC system working smoothly. In this, the building orientation plays a great role, thus, proper guidance of air conditioning professionals is required before full construction of a house or commercial building. Air conditioning installation is done by keeping various factors in mind, among […]

5 Common Air Conditioning Breakdowns

In summers, all we need is an effectively working air conditioning system. But, breakdowns can occur any time. While some breakdowns can be managed on our own, some need professional maintenance and repair. Here are 5 common air conditioning breakdowns that we usually face: 1. Refrigerant Gas Leakage Refrigerant gas leakage is not good for […]

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