Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning Units

Many homeowners will agree that they have a love-hate relationship with their air conditioning units. Meaning, they love the air-conditioning when it’s hot outside and fills the house with cool air, but hate it when it’s hot outside and the equipment stops working. Fortunately, there are a few very simple things that consumers can do to keep their air conditioning installation running efficiently.

1. Keep plants around outside condenser units at bay

Let’s face it, it is not uncommon to cover up ugly looking outdoor equipment with plants, fences or trellises. But condensing units need an adequate amount of air flow around all sides for optimum performance. This is why experts recommend placing landscape and other objects at least three feet away from the unit itself.

2. Wash debris off condenser unit

Pull out your garden hose and pressure wash your condenser unit top to bottom. Regular cleaning helps increase the air that your unit needs to draw into the system and also helps the units to not overheat.

3. Never close any louvers completely

Closing the louvers completely will cause the coils in the unit to freeze and the A/C stops functioning. If needed, the louvers can be slightly closed to balance the air temperature. Additionally, make sure supply vents are not blocked.

4. Get a professional maintenance done annually

Before the summer it is a great idea to get an inspection and maintenance done for the unit(s) by a HVAC professional. A thorough annually inspection and clean up is a must to keep it up and running on the hottest days of the year.
Preventive A/C maintenance is definitely preferable to repairing or replacing expensive equipment due to neglect.

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