Air Conditioning 

What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning or AC is most commonly a system of 3 main components; a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator which are used to control the air quality in an enclosed area. This is achieved by providing heating and cooling, controlling humidity and filtrating air.


Why is Air Conditioning important?

Generally Air Conditioning is used to provide a comfortable environment either at home or at work. It can also provide optimum environments for specific industries such as restaurants, data processing centres as well as operating rooms and clinics.


Which Air Conditioning systems should be used?

We have summarised the main different types of Air Con systems that we use. Choosing which one is right for you is usually decided by trained air conditioning specialists who will liaise with you to obtain the best usage.

Air systems:

To supply fresh air via heat or cooling. This is achieved by transferring energy from air from outside to inside or vice versa. This system uses Air Handling Units (AHU) or Roof Top Packages (RTP). Heat recovery systems can use energy from within the building to provide heating.

Water Systems:

Water is used to transfer air from outside to inside and vice versa. This requires a chiller unit (usually located on the roof of the building), these cool the water via circulating pumps to the fan coils which circulate air into the room. A separate circuit using a boiler (in a plant room) can be used to heat rooms. Water systems only control temperature. Filtering is done by indoor fan coils. Ventilation would be achieved with a system of AHU and ductwork.

Refrigerant systems:

Refrigerant gas is used to carry energy from inside to outside and vice versa. Cooling is obtained by refrigerant being passed through small bore expansion pipes to indoor fan coils where it expands to lower temperature. The outdoor condensing unit can be reversed for heating.


What do you need to consider when installing Air Conditioning units?

  • Cost, is it affordable and will it bring you enough benefits to justify the investment.
  • Is the installation going to be possible, do you have permission to install the units and will the units fit to the specifications of your building.
  • Ongoing maintenance (including 5 yearly inspections by energy assessors to adhere to energy efficiency guidelines)
  • General AC running or usage costs.
  • Other environmental issues.


What are the big benefits from installing AC?

  • Increase in productivity.
  • Increase in value of property.
  • Better air quality, better for allergies and asthma sufferers.
  • More welcoming or comfortable environments.


Why is Air Conditioning maintenance important?

Maintenance contracts will usually be specific to each company dependent on Air Con equipment and the installation used. There are no set guidelines for the frequency of air conditioning maintenance but twice yearly is recommended, this is generally dependent on the environment.

Maintenance is carried out in order to:

  • Highlighting any repair issues that may have arisen.
  • Keep equipment running efficiently.
  • Reduce equipment developing faults.

Problems from not maintaining equipment may include:

  • Equipment failure/ damage resulting in bigger repair costs.
  • Spread of unhealthy micro-organisms such as legionnella.
  • Loss of heating or cooling resulting in poorer or unpleasant work environments.
  • Sick building syndrome (SBS).



Signs to look out for – mainly fault codes which indicate the nature of the issue.

The repair process usually begins with identification of a problem during a maintenance visit but if the client notices issues with the normal working of the AC then the problem will be referred to our office from where we will liaise with client to gather more info and then pass on to an engineer.

Attendance on site will be dependent on engineers’ current workload although clients under contract will usually be visited within 48 hours. Known required repairs are better being arranged earlier in the year to avoid peak call out season in the summer.

Visit our air conditioning repairs and maintenance section for more on our approach.

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