Abacus AC Solutions LTD – A Reliable Source for Air Conditioning in Colchester

Air conditioners and temperature stabilizers are the most important fittings you find in every domestic and corporate dwelling. With the invention of air conditioners our lives have been made so much easier and we are now able to beat the roasting heat effectively.

Every year when summer knocks on our doors, the demand for an efficient air cooling unit goes up like the temperature in those months. Some people believe in maintaining their old systems while some buy new units when they are not working properly and are beyond repair.

Choosing a reliable and trusted source for all your air conditioning needs is a tedious job especially when the market is flooded with numerous service providers and manufactures. An excellent air conditioning service company should be able to serve its customers with superior quality products at appropriate costs. It should be able to serve its clients on time and in different sectors like households, corporate and industrial.

Abacus AC Solutions LTD, take pride in satisfying our customers with quality services in terms of supply of latest equipments, maintenance and installation of cooling units. We are a renowned name in the industry for providing highly qualified and experienced workforce that keeps our customers satisfied and happy.

Our service branches are extended to all the major areas of United Kingdom. Services committed to air conditioning in Colchester, London, Kent, Essex, Brighton, Oxfordshire are high on demand.

So beat the heat in style by consulting Abacus AC Solutions LTD for all your needs. You can call us on 0800 8488808 or drop your enquiries at info@abacusacsolutions.com.

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