5 Hazards of Poor Ventilation In Your Workplace

Whether your workplace is situated in a high-rise building or in a factory setting, good ventilation is critical for comfort and safety. Poor ventilation is a hazard to not only human beings but also equipment, machines, goods and products. While natural ventilation is most desired, roof mounted turbo ventilators are an effective means of extracting warm and stale air from the premises.


Let’s talk about five hazards poor ventilation can cause:

1. Absence of fresh air inside the workplace leads to fatigue, discomfort and distraction.

2. Besides impact on physical health and safety of employees, psychological effects in the form of stress could arise in the workplace.

3. Poor ventilation enhances the spread of transmittable diseases and airborne viruses.

4. Continuous exposure to ventilation hazards can lead to fatigue, hypersensitivity and allergies, sinus, congestion, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath.

5. Irritable odours in the workplace can cause discomfort and affect concentration.


Every employer is responsible for providing a safe workplace for his or her employees. More on poor ventilation can be found on the Health and Safety Executives website.

In broad terms, ventilation is a method of controlling the environment with airflow. Inhaling fresh air will freshen up the mind and body of employees thereby increasing their productivity. If your office in not well ventilated, install proper ventilation today with the help of professional service providers offering air conditioning in London.

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