5 Common Air Conditioning Breakdowns

In summers, all we need is an effectively working air conditioning system. But, breakdowns can occur any time. While some breakdowns can be managed on our own, some need professional maintenance and repair.

Here are 5 common air conditioning breakdowns that we usually face:

1. Refrigerant Gas Leakage

Refrigerant gas leakage is not good for both environment and your cooling systems as it can cause AC coil to freeze and thus prevents the system from cooling. This breakdown should be mended as soon as possible as it also costs high on your electricity bill.

2. Unclean Evaporator Coil

An unclean evaporator coil prevents the heat from leaving the building. Thus, the humidity remains trapped inside and interfere with the cooling.

3. Unclean Filter

A dirty filter is a common culprit which causes most of the air conditioning problems. A clogged or dirty filter not only lowers the cooling but also affects the air quality which can result in allergies related to breathing tract. Thus, filters should be cleaned/replaced on a regular basis.

4. Leakage From Ducts

Duct leakage reduces the efficiency of your air conditioning system by directing the cooling to the areas that you do not intend to cool. Thus, duct installation should be done by highly professional HVAC service providers.

5. A Tripped Breaker

Bad capacitors or loose wires can cause a circuit to trip. So, you should check if a tripped breaker is not messing up with the cooling of your HVAC system.

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