3 Simple Ways To Lower Your Heating Bill

Using central heating continuously might warm up your place to a cosy temperature but it sure spikes up the electricity bills in proportion to the raised temperatures. How then can you cut back on your energy costs while still maintaining the comfortable temperatures in your home? Simply follow these 3 useful tips:

  1. Reverse the fans– Whether you have noticed it before or not, most of the ceiling fans have summer/winter settings. When you choose the winter settings, it reverses the spin direction of its blades which helps to push back the warm air from the ceiling to the space below.
  2. Pipes and Ducts– Call up your professional maintenance guy and ask him/her to clean up and repair the pipes and all the ductwork in the attic. This would improve the air circulation throughout the house and also prevent the hot air from leaking out through holes and cracks in the pipeline.
  3. Program your thermostat– Using the program settings on your thermostat to switch off the furnace while nobody is in the house and making it turn to a specific temperature before the family’s arrival time would help you save up a lot on your electricity bills.

Besides these, call up for professional heater and air conditioning repairs at least twice in a year to do a regular servicing of your ACs or HVAC systems. This would help to maintain the efficiency and pump up their performance throughout the year. Abacus AC Solutions provide quick heat recovery and regular maintenance and repair of HVAC systems throughout the United Kingdom. To get in touch with them, call their service helpline- 0800 8488808 or drop an enquiry mail at info@abacusairconditioning.co.uk.

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